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Imaging Data Download

1: Select Sessions


2: Select Image Data

Scan Formats

Scan Types


XNAT reconstructions were found in this project, but this type of assessor is no longer supported and the current download process can not package them. If you need access to these particular assessors, try using the Manage Files feature on those experiments and downloading files there. You can also contact your system administrator for alternative means of accessing the data.

3: Download Data


An XML download manifest will be sent to the XNAT Desktop Client, which works behind the scenes to download your files.
Download the XNAT Desktop Client here: download.xnat.org.
Your selected session data will be downloaded as a single compressed zip file.
Download an xml representation of the files. This xml can then be used by specific applications to download the data at the user's command.

Submit Data Request

Upon page submission, the pertinent files will be reviewed and organized for download. Depending on the number of files, this may take several minutes to process.